Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brazil, Here I Come!!!

Tonight is my last night in my cozy bed for twelve days. Over the next week and a half I will be floating down the Amazon River (and it's tributaries) on a big boat with about twenty five other people. We will sleep in hammocks under bug nets while we travel. The Rain Forest is called the "RAIN" Forest for a reason. Apparently it's been dumping rain every day in huge quantities. Let's just say I am bringing a poncho! Everything I could possibly need including snacks and my epinephrine shot are in this little duffle! 21 pounds is all it weighs. I'm pretty proud.

In other breaking news... this is Mustache March. For those of you who have facebook, you can view many more of these beautiful portraits, but I will allow a sneak peak of my husband's face for the sake of a smile, and hopefully a chuckle or two. Ok, you might end up belly-laughing, who knows?

Apparently, connecting the 'stache all the way to the side-burns is the hip thing to do these days. Who knew? Luckily, this atrocious (yet somehow beautiful... a painful beautiful) facial design only lasted about ten minutes.

Well... less than 24 hours until we leave! I better get to sleep! I'll post pictures when I come home!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Family Affair

Yesterday the girls and I (and then even David joined!) made donuts together! Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

This doesn't have anything to do with donuts, but over Christmas I found out that this pretty blanket made by my cousin is a throw not a tablecloth! It's been getting a lot more use now. ;-)

Also, this is the cake David and I made for Valentines Day! Isn't it cute?

Bright flowers and coffee make any rainy day enjoyable.

Our Inspiration

The music choice for the afternoon. So soothing.

Her excitement... also soothing... sort of?


Let the flour fly!!!

Elizabeth gives two thumbs up.

Let's drop em!

The finished product! They were so yummy!!!