Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Started to Chuckle

I was cleaning out my kitchen sink today, trying to enjoy being faithful in the little things, when a memory popped into my mind that made me chuckle. Yes, chuckle, like a plump old man with a beard in a flannel shirt tucked in with his belly hanging over his belt. No, not Santa Clause... just a nice plump old man.

Anyway, I was chuckling because I was remembering a scene in my old townhouse kitchen where I lived during college with three other girls (and whoever else needed a place to stay at the time). My mom was in town, and we were standing there in the kitchen by the sink. I was staring at it with that sort of hopeless vacant look, when my mom said, "Wow! You're sink really needs to be cleaned out!" Understatement of the century. It was horrible. It was so bad that it made the whole kitchen smell old. None of us were amazing housewives (yet!) except one of us, who was on her way, but was also taking like a million credits in classes, working, and keeping up a long-distance relationship. Needless to say, we had let the kitchen sink fester in its filth for... well for who knows how long.

My mom, like moms do, whipped out the Dawn, grabbed a scrubby something (who knew we even had that?), and went to work. Within minutes it was like we had just driven ourselves to Lowes, bought a new sink, and installed it in place of that nasty old thing. I was floored. No, seriously, in that moment, I thought my mom may actually have possessed a super power.

In that very moment, I thought, "You have to clean sinks?!?!" It was a revolutionary idea. In my mind, sinks were FOR cleaning. Why would you have to CLEAN a CLEANER??? And to think that all these years my mom had been doing that... I had no idea!!! I know, people, it's not rocket science. Give me a break. Or don't. I've heard it both ways.

So there I was in my shock and awe, my life changed forever in regards to sinks and their hygiene. Thanks, Mom. How many things do moms even do that no one realizes? The longer I'm a mom (and it hasn't been long at all) the more I realize.

So that's who this post is dedicated to. It's to moms everywhere, but especially mine. I love you, and I'm thankful for everything you did all those years.

The End.