Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Quick

Ok, so I don't have much time right now because my family is downstairs and I want to spend as much time with them as I can, but I HAVE to tell you about where I am! I absolutely cannot wait to post pictures! Myrtle Beach has always stuck in my mind as a sort of trashy place, but apparently I was at the wrong end of the beach last time I came! I can't wait to load some pictures because my words will never do this place justice! We are in a 3 story house with a pool in the back. The front of the house has 3 balconies (one for each level), and it overlooks the ocean, which is one street away.

I am staying with 5 of my nieces and nephews, two of my sister-in-laws, their husbands, and our parents. Also my amazing husband of almost six months is here, but I probably didn't need to mention that. ;-) I just had the sweetest conversation with my sister-in-law Erin. It's so nice to be able to catch up. We talked about our calling in ministry and our motivation. It's frightening how easy it is to try to accomplish good things for your own exaltation. We also talked about being a newlywed, and she really encouraged me and reminded me that being a wife is my first calling now. She made me feel like I am doing a good job, and I really needed to hear it.

Today we drove here, unpacked, and headed off to the grocery store to buy our week's supplies. What a chaotic event! We left satisfied at best, but a little scatter-brained and very tired! Tomorrow it's to the beach!

Now I hear David playing songs on his guitar with his mom on the porch, so I think I'll join them! Sleep sweet everyone!

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