Friday, July 16, 2010

Where Did We Leave Off?

Back to Lynchburg we have returned!  This summer has been non-stop action and it is really nice to be back in our own home.

Several weeks ago we went to Atlanta where David lead a 2 day worship camp for kids ages 10-18.  What an age spread!  The camp was very successful as a guinea pig for the future camps the church plans to hold.  Some of the kids were tiny!  It was so neat to see these amazing kids up there leading us in praise.  What a privilege to be a part of training the next generation to be strong godly believers.  I got teared up watching my husband and the other guys in the band spend one-on-one time with the kids helping them to be better musicians.
There were about 40 kids total at the camp, and we had such a good time with them all.
Here are a couple of them leading worship on the final night.  We split them into bands and had them each do 2 songs.

After the camp was over, it was time for Hotlanta!!!
David took me into the city to the aquarium where we met up with some new but great friends of ours, the Mohrmans.  The aquarium was amazing!  My two favorite animals were the Whale Shark (23 foot fish!?! For real!), and the giant sea turtle.  After we were finished with the aquarium we all went out to dinner at the most amazing restaurant in Atlanta (possibly ever):  Dante's Down the Hatch.  It's a fondue restaurant with live jazz.  You walk across a bridge that goes over a little river with LIVE alligators in it once you get INSIDE the building.  So cool. You can also eat aboard "the ship" where there are booths and a grand piano in the middle for the music.  We had a blast taking pictures outside the place with Dante's old antique automobiles.

David and Kris were great models.

Atlanta Skyline... sort of...

 I was trying to take artistic photos. Haha! Not great.

We ate at "The Varsity" for lunch!  This is a famous fast food restaurant in Atlanta. The olympic torch is standing right next to it. When you get in line to order you had better know what you want! The long line of cashiers are yelling: "Whad'y'ave, Whad'y'ave?!!" and if you don't know "what you'll have" you will get bumped to the back of the line for sure!

The Mohrmans.  What a great fam. :)
Left to Right: Ellie, Kerri, and Kris.
Whale Shark!
The main tank was as big as a football field. That's huge.

Did you know that penguins mate for life?? It was so cute to see them all paired up with each other.  They were all preening each other and feeding each other. Such funny little creatures. 
(editors note: the strawberry blonde creature is not one of the penguins)

And here's the romantic newlywed picture. :)

He's pretty handsome, I won't lie.

Oh... you mean cigarette butts? Oops...

Oh, just some GQ models... the one on the left is my fav.

We love the Mohrmans! Here's to a great day in the city!

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