Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn Afternoons

Sunday is a day of rest, and I take full advantage of it.  David and I have an unspoken rule that we are allowed as much sleep as we want on Sundays; there is no guilt or shame for doing nothing as long as we want all day and I love it. I am so glad God set the example of rest for us at the foundation of the world. He didn't need the rest, but He knew we would, so He gave us permission and set the example. What a loving and caring Creator we have!

So right now I sit here resting.  The air is cool outside and our dogwood tree has a tinge of rust on it along with its red berries.  The dishwasher is humming, some home-made cinnamon rolls are rising, and my aunt's chicken cacciatori recipe is bubbling and simmering in the crock pot.

I know a lot of women who would rather be traveling the world shaking things up rather than cooking, cleaning, keeping a house, and serving a husband, but really nothing gives me greater joy than to take care of my home and my husband. Some people have a passion to get out there in that big world and make something of themselves. I just don't have that desire.  I love putting on my dainty little apron and seeing what kinds of new things I can put together in the kitchen. Sure, kids will come, and they'll "mess up" my pretty little picture of life. I'm alright with that. I have asked the Lord for a long time to prepare me to raise up my children to know Him and to be known by Him. Right now though, I am living it up just me and my husband.

Don't be mistaken, this "picture perfect life" is not the source of the peace I have seeping through my pores. If it all burned up tomorrow, I know I would be taken care of. I also know that being in my little world is not my purpose. The Lord has blessed me with riches beyond measure, but He has not given them to me to hoard. I do not need to become spiritually fat and lazy. There IS a big world out there that has needs- too many to count or even to comprehend. I must be ready always for the Lord to move in my heart. I am His servant as well as His friend. I am a vessel. He does not need me, but He created me to use me for His purposes. I hope I never forget that.

Enough writing for now...
I think I'll go wake up my sleeping giant and see if he wants his dinner yet.  :)

Be blessed and enjoy the Lord's presence today!

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  1. what do you know... as I walked outside this morning in good ole Mass, it felt crisper than a summer day. It made me long for Autumn and the feelings Autumn brings. This post, exactly what I needed. I could feel Autumn and the love seeping through each and every word. Emotional I am today for sure... loved this post.

    -Aly Nickerson