Friday, August 5, 2011

Embracing Awkwardness- A Cooking Show For Your Entertainment

Ok, let's give this another try... This time I'll try to take myself seriously. Yeah right.

And here is a great example of a smooth transition.


  1. You got some real laughs out of us here at the Fulone household....(me, Olivia, Paul and Wynne...)

    Love the lines "we've been cooking all this shrimp up lately"....and "de-peeling the shrimp"

    And David, your wife is right...we took her dare and googled why flamingos are pink...and it IS because of what they eat!! You have a smart wife there! She knows her least when it comes to flamingos!

    p.s. love the transitional style of RachEl! (no "a" allowed ha ha) "I'm horrible with transitions so let's just get on with it alright"

    Keep the videos coming...eventually we'll get the whole recipe out of you....been waiting to buy my shrimp so I can make this...and I'll probably get some authentic grits next time I shop!
    Love you guys!

  2. Wow Rachel I wish I could be there to try this awesome shrimp dish!! By the way I actually have grits in our house (imagine that) Also I loved the comment on the flamingos dieting on shrimp ;) Keep the recipe coming I want to try it out.

    Love seeing you guys on videos and skyping; it makes the distance not so far.

    Love you both,
    Momma Macy