Friday, August 12, 2011

Life Is a Balance Beam

Sometimes you just need rain. Anything in excess is wearing. I grew up in cold New England, where winter seems to drone on forever, and summers are compiled of short but sweet memories. Summer in New England is kind of like Christmas to a little kid. You wait and dream of the day you'll be able to go out with a t-shirt on. When it finally hits 65 you practically leap for joy. Your winter skin begs to be exposed to some semblance of sunlight; even a windy 65 degrees will suffice. I can remember waiting sometimes until July to really feel warm enough to even want to swim.

So here I am in the middle of the country where hot is the new cold, sweat is the new shivering, and jackets are the new goal. 108 will take your breath away, and even 10 days in a row above 100 is a little much. Try 32. That's what just happened here. I never thought I would grow to resent heat, but like I said... too much of anything will wear you right out. You can imagine my delight the other day to hear a rumbling of thunder and to feel a cool breeze sweep in. The heat wave has been broken, and the rain is coming through! I am loving just watching the earth drink it up. I have my WoodWick candle flickering and my guitar handy. It's been a nice day.

Tonight David is taking me out on a date. I'm excited to spend some special time with him. I have a job interview on Monday, so I'm enjoying my days of no obligations to the fullest. Lately everything in my mind keeps drifting back to balance. I have loved not working and getting adjusted to our new life, but I know I was designed for a purpose, and I feel ready to take that on again. I love summer, but fall seems to beckon me more loudly every day. Our Creator is the author of balance. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. He designed us to thrive in seasons. I just think that's so cool.

So I suppose my theme Bible verse for today to dwell on would be from Ecclesiastes 3. "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:" You can read the rest yourself.

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  1. You are a wonderful writer. Loved reading this:)