Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Pictures

Eat up everyone!!!

Southern Thanksgiving is good food. Venison, smoked turkey, dressing,  corn casserole.... those are just a few.

The table.

Me and Frank.

I love Kathy's kitchen.

Caught ya!

David stringing up the lights in the dining room.

Messy Table!!! All our decorations were everywhere!

Grammy Whelpley makes amazing stockings.  We LOVE them!!!

And here's mine!

A perfect lane for David...

Early presents... we have to wait to open them.  :(

It's too dark for a focused picture... shoot.

So I tried again.

This is not artistic.

David was patient with my ideas. He's so good to me!

Now we just need a tree!

Here it is! We cut it down from the wild. Literally.  This is before the trimming, and trust me, the trimming is coming.


  1. Thanks for posting your pictoral history! I love it! The tree is gorgeous...hope when you say "trim" you mean that you're trimming it with decorations and not a pair of cutters! It's so naturally beautiful! We can't wait to see you and David here on the 23rd! I'm hoping that the whole family is able to be here!

    See you soon!

  2. LOVE the tree! So much better than a "borrowed" tree from Christmas Convo! Hey do you think your Granny can make 5 stockings for us? I love yours - that is exactly what I am looking for!! I will pay her!!

  3. Thanks Mel!! I'll definitely ask my Gram!