Friday, July 22, 2011

David's Birthday!

Tomorrow is David's 28th birthday. Unlike him, I am completely excited. I love his birthday. Haha! I have reminded him so many times all week about it. Every time I back into it laying down hints as subtle as an elephant knowing full well he'll refuse to pick them up.


"Lovie! Guess what happens this Saturday?!"


"Your birthday!!!!"

"Oh. I forgot."

We've been playing this game for two weeks now. I can't decide if it's the fact that he's in denial about being in his "upper 20's" or if he really cares so little that he keeps forgetting, but it makes it fun either way. I just love that guy. I hope, if you are single and you are reading this, that you wait until someone like my David comes along. Someone you would never live your life without because you've experienced something too good to let go of... that's what David is to me.

Don't be mistaken, he is not the thing that gets me fully or satisfies the deep wells of longing inside my soul. No... our relationship looks more like an awkward, stumbling, dancing attempt to understand and to love. This is not because we are failures at love, but rather because he is a man and I am a woman. Human... oh so human, we cannot "get" each other without trying very hard (sometimes with an effort that looks downright laughable, like a man straining, cheeks puffed out and red in the face to lift a heavy object). Needless to say, we are having fun in our wild attempts to understand one another. We keep the humor in things, and it helps to ease the frustration of countless failed attempts. I suppose what I am trying to say is that we are not "enough" for each other. Only One can be enough. When we remember this, our expectation shifts from expectation in each other to expectation in the One who can deliver and who does satisfy- that is the Lord. This is the way we live happily and in the depths of contentment. Through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ who is everything we need.

Anyway... I'm done rambling. It's time to head out for a day with my love!


  1. Awesome post Rachel! Such a great reminder of something David has passed on to me many times before. I'm so thankful for you two!

  2. Your mom and I were just on this very subject this people put their spouses in the position of "all in all" and how easily disappointed they get...The love of husband or wife, no matter how pure and fervent, is but a faint picture of the flame that burns in the heart of Jesus for us...if we could only put our expectations on Him for everything we need! How beautiful that would be!

    Great, great post, Rach! Sorry I keep missing your phone calls....I see you called the other day but didn't leave a message...:( Miss you, Girl!

    A very happy birthday to David!