Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happenings in the Ozarks

Friends and Family!!! I miss you all. These past few weeks have been a blur (isn't all of life??), and David and I are finally getting settled into our cozy apartment. It's actually quite spacious compared to our tiny house that we left in VA!

Last week we went to The Rodeo of the Ozarks! This was the first rodeo I had ever been to, and it was so much fun! I really felt like I wanted to be a cowgirl after experiencing something like that. Watching these girls fly around the arena in their sparkly sequins on beautiful horses was a blast. Ok, so the sequins were a little much, but the horses... seriously y'all... they were awesome. I've never seen a horse all-out gallop like that before in person. It's a beautiful sight. So here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

Landon and Morgan- New friends who come to our college Bible Study on Wed. Nights! We love them!

Trina and Jordan are a married couple with no kids that we are getting to know.  Married and no kids is a rare find around these parts. 

Will and Laura are another great couple we met! They don't have kids yet either!

Ok, so these are two extremely precious ladies who have made the move one million times easier for me by taking me under their wings. They are both amazing, godly women (Trudy on the left and Marita on the right) who I am so thankful to have in my life!

This is pretty cool... it's an actual stage that the bank "Wells Fargo" used to carry gold with. 

Ride 'em!

Before the Rodeo started they paraded all the horses and riders out into the arena. There were a LOT of horses out there at one time! There were only a few run-aways...

Look out for those hooves!!!

Just one example of the crazy amount of food that was being sold. A HUGE turkey leg is being devoured here by Will. I ordered a "Chicken Finger Basket" when I heard that only 2 chicken fingers came with it. I was sure I could handle that! Much to my dismay the chicken "fingers" were bigger than my face. 

This is the Smith family. Chris and Trudy are a great couple and I've become really good friends with their daughters Emily and Sadie. They really make us feel at home here.
Well, that's all the energy I have to post pictures for now, but I promise to post more later (especially as the apartment starts to look better).  David and I led worship this Sunday at one of the campuses for Cross Church. I just recently found out it's all posted online, so if any of y'all want to see that you can go here to watch! :) http://crosschurch.com/category/portfolio/springdale-worship-33/

To all of you who I love and are far away: I love you and I miss you more than you can know! Thank the Lord for technology that helps us all stay connected!


  1. I just watched your amazing time of worship...Rachel you and David are so gifted...to be able to do that with your husband...it's an incredible gift that the Father has given you both. I am so blessed to see you two together. Thanks for posting the link.
    LOVE YOU!!

  2. Hey, Rachel!

    I watched the video of you and David worshipping. You both were so AMAZING.
    All praise and glory to GOD! Isn't HE beautiful?

    I love you!