Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm sitting here in the middle of a screaming 1 year old baby and a little 4 year old boy attempting to play super mario on his Wii game system.  It's confirmed for sure... I am definitely NOT ready for kids.  David and I drove from Myrtle Beach to his parents Friday night and then left Atlanta yesterday and got home after midnight. Fast-forward to this morning, and I'm in somebody else's house trying to do a good job watching their little kids.  This is just a little break from it all, and it will last about 5 minutes.

To all my mom friends (and I have a lot), I respect you, I appreciate you, and I hope I don't join you for just a little bit more time.

What?  Silence?  Maybe the sound of my clicking keys has proved to be an antidote to the madness.  Let's hope so.  Nothing else has worked so far.  Not food, not juice, not the Doodlebops... not anything.

Alright, time to clean up the mess and help with the Wii.

I miss the beach.

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  1. Aaaw, Sweetie!! I feel for you! I remember babysitting triplets for a neighbor...I was about 6 months pregnant at the time. They cried, they pooped (all at once), they were VERY active and I was WAY overwhelmed! My heart was completely constricted with fear. (no turning back for me! I was already more than halfway there!)
    Good news is, it's NEVER the same with your own baby. Trust me, Rach! You will be an awesome Mommy! (and I'm sure that David will be completely supportive and helpful...which is just what we "mommies" need!)

    I can't help it...I just love the thought of you being a Mom! (but take all the time you need!!)

    LOVE you!