Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Time

I think my favorite part about this vacation is being in a big house with everyone and spending time with the family. I never once felt like I was on the outside of this family. The moment I became a part of it I was welcomed with open arms. I love that David feels the same way about my side. We are so abundantly blessed with good families.

Sunday morning before church David got out his guitar and played a few worship songs. Amberleigh (the cutie below next to McKinney) loves the song "Marvelous Light" and sang all of the words with him. I wonder if she even realizes the powerful words she was singing. "I once was fatherless, a stranger with no hope..." Amberleigh lost her dad a few years ago in a tragic fourwheeling accident. She is in the process of being adopted by her new daddy, Andy who is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. What a great picture of God's mercy and provision. I love my family.

Speaking of my amazing husband, I believe I promised a picture of his awesome new bathing suit. Clearly by the sight of this picture, one can conclude that he thinks it's a wild success. I would have to agree with him.


  1. Wow, what a sweet story you told about Amberleigh. She is a part of a wonderful family! Thanks for sharing that.

    Also, tell David I say, "groovy", in regards to his new bathing suit. It's totally him! He could be a guest star on "The Brady Bunch"...right on! ha ha

  2. Hahaha, David!!!

    That house looks amazing! so glad you had the opportunity to go to this place. love you!