Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ebbs and Flows

I find that my life ebbs and flows on a continual basis and that my emotions follow the same pattern. I think maturity is being able to look past the feelings and circumstances; beholding the Great Truth regardless of how bumpy your day was or how miserably clumsy and unloving you feel- that's a mature saint.

Very often I look at myself and start to dissect. Here is something wrong, and there another. Why am I not this way yet? Look at this shortcoming. These things are most likely true, but generally I am looking at my life from the wrong perspective. This becomes the worst pitfall of all. Even beautiful flowering plants have dirty roots. I am a saint, beloved of the Most High. I am made perfect by His blood. He is working in and through me. Even when I cannot see this happening, He is working. There is not one wasted breath. I may trip and fall, but He does not expect me to be able to walk without Him.

In fact, I cling to Him because I know that I am nothing without Him. I cause death in my own power, but in Him is life, and life abundant. I am thankful for His consistency. I lean my weary frame on His steadfast one and find quiet rest. He is my first love, and Him I will not forsake.

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  1. Here's the thing: now that we know Him and His love, what else is there? Nothing else on this earth, in this life can ever compare to the knowledge of Jesus Christ!
    Thanks for sharing your heart, Rach.